5 Healthy Winter Blah-Busters

If you’re anything like us here at Strategic Intellavance, all you see is white when you look out your window. You’re tired, you’re cold, you’ve got a sore throat that you can’t quite kick and you’re grumpy. All signs point to winter.

On the news, those darn meteorologists are at it again, talking about record low temperatures in the upcoming forecast. You can’t help it– your mind begins to wander to all things warm, inspiring and fun.

So do ours!

Hang in there! Spring is right around the corner and in the meantime, we thought we’d share our winter blah-busters with you!

A Quick Getaway

Everyone loves a getaway to a tropical location to escape mid-winter’s frigid cold. With temperatures dropping lower than the teens and snow falling mercilessly (especially in Massachusetts,) now’s the time to cash in your PTO and slip off to a warmer climate like Florida, Nevada or California. You’ll feel instantly better at your vacation spot, relaxing poolside with the warm daylight beating down on your sun-deprived skin.


Stock Up On Green Tea

Equal parts delicious and healthy, green tea is just the thing to get you through the cold. Think of it like a suit of armor, working to protect you. Make a pot to warm up and thaw out when you escape the blistering winds in the comfort of your home. The health benefits are seemingly endless. Green tea is filled with antioxidants, may lower your risk for certain types of cancer and increases fat-burning! It’s the perfect addition an active lifestyle!


Have a Spa Day

If a vacation isn’t feasible at the moment, you should clear your schedule on an upcoming Saturday to make a trip to your nearest spa. Massages, facials, manicures and pedicures—it’s enough to make you feel like a king or a queen for the day. The cold is working against your body to give you an array of ailments like the sniffles and dry skin; it can make you feel worn out and tired. A trip to the spa will return you to high spirits and push you through the remaining winter weeks.


Stay Active

We know it’s hard! All you want to do when it’s cold outside is stay warm with a blanket on the couch, but the all-around best way to keep a positive attitude is to get out there and use your body! Exercising is a hard habit to begin, but once you work it into your everyday schedule you’ll start to see the differences it makes on your body and all-around well-being. Make the commitment to train with a friend so you’ll feel guilty if you don’t show up. Working out doesn’t have to be going to a dimly-lit, sweat-covered gym to lift weights or run on a treadmill for thirty monotonous minutes. It could be anything as long as you’re up and moving, like taking a walk or riding a bike. In our book, even going up and down the stairs multiple times counts (as long as you’re not headed for that chocolate bar you stashed!)


Bubble Baths

The ultimate killer of bad moods is a bubble bath. Talk about a major stress reliever! Hop into a bubble bath with a good book and you’re set for some grade-A unwinding. Not only is a bubble bath the perfect way to warm up from your latest trek in the arctic, it’s also a perfect stress management option. There are few things worse for you than stress and any tools you can utilize to minimize its effect on your life are very welcome.


Okay, enough mind-wandering for now! After you trade in your winter blah-busters, it’s time to get back to the work you love doing! Sames goes for us, so…

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