Healthcare Marketing Research Benchmarks

How effective are your marketing efforts?  Do you have measurable healthcare marketing research benchmarks? Can you tie your marketing campaigns to results?  Do you  have a healthcare marketing scorecard that measures your marketing ROI?

Healthcare marketing research benchmarks will help you make sure your marketing efforts are paying off.  So that you are repeating what works, and fixing what does not.  The majority of hospitals and healthcare systems typically conduct annual community surveys.  At Strategic Intellavance, we specialize in healthcare intelligence. Therefore we are experts in developing and launching community and physician research across the country.  As a result, we have found that the majority of hospitals have a set of standard, measurable healthcare marketing benchmarks.

What you benchmark needs to be tied to your key objectives or strategies.  For example is your goal to achieve a better community image, introduce new services, or measuring the success of a new advertising campaign. Typical healthcare marketing research benchmarks include awareness, preference, ad recall, service line preference and utilization. And within each of these benchmarks, wording on questions and subquestions are critical to the benchmarks and quality of data you will get back.

Once you have set your healthcare marketing research benchmarks the experts at StrategicIV can help you establish your market research methodology.  We will help you determine whether online, mail or phone surveys will produce the best results for your specific business question.  We can help you determine how best to field your survey panel, when to send your survey, and how often you can conduct your research without burning out your survey respondents.

Once you’ve identified your key objectives, created your unique healthcare marketing benchmarks you should tie these benchmarks to a marketing scorecard that measures your marketing ROI.  This will showcase the value that you are bringing to your organization through your marketing expertise!