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You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your organization from
your consumers perspective. How aware are they of the services you offer,
what do you they prefer you for vs. your competitors, what can you do differently
so you are their provider of choice?

Choose the EXPERTS in CUSTOMIZED RESEARCH….Strategic Intellavance!

We work with organizations across the country, including hospitals and healthcare systems, colleges and universities, banks and credit unions, and other industries to help them in their customized marketing research efforts. We have decades of experience helping you formulate your questionnaire based on the objectives and information you are trying to ascertain. And then, will take your research and field it to your desired geographic area, be it zip codes, block areas, counties, states or nationally. With the methodology you want – phone, web, direct mail, or a mixed methodology.

We will provide you with the deep insights and measurable benchmarks you need so you can maximize the return on your marketing. Our clients have been with us for years as we provide the deepest intelligence and most personalized service.

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All customized to your market,
your competitors, your media!