Get the latest TV and Radio PR for you and your competitors – emailed right to you! And then, available 24/7 in your own personalized portal,  Just click on the preview clip links to see the videos, listen to the radio – with NO preview FEES!  You will get the PR $ value, the service line, the media source, and even the media class (physician, expert, sub service line), if you want.

Twitter, Website, Blogs, Forums, EVEN trade websites – whatever online sources you want to monitor, we will capture and send to you. With preview clip links, accessible 24/7 in

All measured, if you choose to have us provide media $ values for you – in an All-in-1 report!

And… we’re here to help, whenever you need us!



You give us what pubs you want.. national, regional, local, EVEN the smallest local pubs.. or trade pubs.

And we will monitor and measure the media $ for you!  Email them with preview clip links right to you!

You will be able to see who they are for, the media source, date, reporter, service line, and EVEN the physician, educator or expert.. if you want. And they stay live with us forever!

Plus.. we have a really, cool ONLINE clip book – where you can create clip books in seconds.. sorted anyway you want.. with media $ values that can be emailed out from your portal, to whoever you want.



Want to show the VALUE of your PR efforts to your organization? You will see your %  share of voice in $, hits and impressions,  your measurable media $’s that you are delivering. We analyze it by competitor, media type (TV, Radio, Print, Web, Social), by metrics ($’s, hits, impressions).

And.. EVEN by Service Line or Physician/Educator/Expert! So.. you can show your key influencers the media value you are delivering with the clickable story links – in an All-in-1 report!



We’ll do an in-depth analysis of your PR – so you can see the Positive, Negative and Neutral PR – in media $’s, hits and impressions. And then we’ll go deeper and even analyze by SERVICE LINE and even PHYSICIAN  or EXPERT – with key metrics. You can give us your service line buckets so we analyze the way you look at your service lines.

And… if you want, we will EVEN provide manual filtering… so you will get EXACTLY the PR you want.




You can go into the media database and research beats, reporters, media sources. Plan your campaigns. And then, when you are ready, schedule a press release to your targeted list of media and see the results. Either locally, or, on the Wire.

And… since lots of our clients don’t want to “COUNT WORDS” in their Wire releases, we will do a bundled packages of releases, where you don’t have to worry about your word count. And, we’ll add your Wire Release pick-up to your media reports.


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