Customized marketing research to find out what your community thinks about you and the organizations you compete with. ALL customized to you! Your questions, your zips, your audience, your choice of phone or web or both. We do TONS of customized research, all personalized to your needs and provide you with a value added solution!


Find out what your competitors are spending in advertising – even by service line!

Detailed ad spending by competitors, media (TV, Web, Print, Billboards, Other), service line, market, plus more! Measure your SHARE of AD VOICE – overall, and even by service line. We email right to you plus you can go into, your own personalized portal and generate reports, graphs, see ad $’s any way you want. The deepest intell out there!



You can be the first to see your competitors latest TV, Web, or Print ads. All customized to your media list – the TV & Web media for your market, and EVEN the smallest, local pubs or trade pubs. Emailed right to you – with clickable links that show you the ads, ad spending, competitor, media and EVEN service line! Then.. all available in, your own personalized portal – searchable by competitor, service line, headline, media and more!


Your own, All-in-1 personalized portal,, loaded with all your intelligence – so you or your team can go in and see, create, email whatever competitor and consumer insights and benchmarks you need. Available 24/7. And … if you also use our Public Relations services, you can look at either AD or PR or BOTH – so you can measure the total impact you are making in your marketplace!

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All customized to your market,
your competitors, your media!